The Night - Original Writing Essay

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No one came out of the gym without a new bruise to show what had happened there. By count I 'm pretty sure Alex got hit that most, soon followed by Brian, then me. I managed to get at least one bruise on my left arm, my right shoulder was turning blue, and my butt had a large red mark furiously forming. I 'd rather not talk about that one. Marcy and Damon came out basically unscathed, only getting one bruise from each other.

They were the last two left , everyone else stood on the sidelines silently cheering for their team to win, each holding a red ball between their sweaty palms. Everyone had little droplets of sweat falling to the ground from their exposed skin. Luke sat next to me, us both leaning forward, absorbed in the game.

They were having a stare down, both trying to guess if the other was going to make the first move. It was like a dance. One would shift one way and the other would mirror. It was dead silent, except for our classmates ' over exaggerated breaths, when both balls flew. Damon got hit on the shoulder and his ball launched straight into Marcy 's stomach. The real kicker here, though, was Damon 's ball hit the red head two milliseconds faster.

Dana 's team jumped up in joy and ran to cheer with Damon as Marcy fell to the ground dramatically. Laughing, I jogged over to my friend while the opposing team walked outside where the windy august air cooled their sweat covered bodies. Marcy didn’t acknowledge me at all, she was just staring up at the…

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