Essay about The Night - Original Writing

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We had heard the sound of gunfire crackling in the distance. Then nothing but quiet. A stillness that angered every one of us, stirred our need to take some action. Before we went on the prowl we knew it was a convoy of people for execution. We had met those before.
I sent Joker and Digger down the road to have a look-see. Everything about it was menacing and we all had a sick feeling in the stomach.
The men, moved from behind rocks to mounds of earth, from the brush line through a gully. Finally, they made their way along the side of the road. Their sixth sense had been working overtime. Creeping between the rocks on their bellies in a leopard crawl, a feeling of dread curdled their stomachs.
Suddenly, there came an odor. As the wind direction changed, we even picked up the stench back in the Command OP. It was a smell we had lived with, in other battlefields. A repulsive smell we never wanted to experience again. It was the stench of blood drying in the noonday sun.
Joker peered around a rock into a gully at the side of the road. His adrenaline surged. A silence so eerie screamed that something was terribly wrong. There was nothing but the quietness of death in front of him.
When they ran into the first body, the poor soul lay brutally decapitated. Pushing further forward along the ground, Joker discovered the head. It was a young female. The blood that soaked the ground, around her head was not yet dry.
Moving slowly along the ground, they passed one body after another…

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