The Night Of The Dinner With No Absurd Interruptions Essay

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As the pilgrims arrived I began to plan a seating arrangement so all will be fine and dandy the night of the dinner with no absurd interruptions. I first placed the Summoner in the far left-hand side corner for I know he is an irrational drunk who at any time may be obligated to leave to the distant restroom for his bladder will be full. He is also hard to look at as well with his overly blemished face. That’s why I intended to have his right side free of any fellow pilgrims.
Although there are not many who enjoy irrational drunks. If anyone pilgrim were to enjoy them it would be another drunk. Which to my sources I have found that the miller will often partake in drunkenness upon his dinners. Many are not fond of him, for he also has a large wart on his nose. Like the Summoner, they both alike have blemishes that are hard to look at. I only hope that the miller can refrain from making bold quiet possibly harsh statements about the Summoners profession. Although this may be a problem I have placed them together for the rest of their similarities.
I have placed the monk on the same side as the summoner and the miller. He will be seated in the center of the table along with the yeoman but further to the left side. The reasoning for my selection is due to their greatly similar vision of having fun. The monk, a man who is expected to devout his life to study of religion and prayer actually enjoys his afternoons hunting. Conversation could be sparked of that very activity.…

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