The Night Of September 17th Essay

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On the night of September 18th, I attended the play All the Great Books. The weather was nothing but perfect, as the temperature allowed me to sit outside on the ground comfortably. Being one of the only performances I have ever attended, I was quite surprised to sit on the ground in an open field, with only a stage in front of me. Having such open audience seating made the actor/audience relationship more personal and enjoyable. To say the least, the production was not equivalent to pulling teeth, as some of my fellow classmates said. Immediately after beginning the play, the role of the audience became apparent. Being apart of the audience meant I was actually apart of the play, and had to follow the class rules just like every other student. Personally, I thought this aspect of the play was interesting and I have never been exposed to a performance like that before. I was surprised to see elements of the audience being incorporated directly into the play, such as how during intermission the audience gave their answer to their favorite books, and the actors commented on them during the actual live performance. As far as my personal experience of the play went, I would recommend it to others to go see and interact with, but I would not be the first in line to see it again. An interesting production element that caught my attention was the use of costumes, thanks to the Costume Designer/ Wardrobe Manager, Dayton Willison. Willison was able to have costumes and new wardrobe…

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