The Night Of Night - Original Writing Essay

1203 Words Feb 22nd, 2016 null Page
I would like to begin by stating my upmost and genuine need for forgiveness, I do not know if I deserve it, but the guilt I incur every day without it weighs heavily on me. I feel as if I am empty without at least formally apologizing for the mistakes I made that fateful night five years ago. This was the night I not only lied to you, mom and dad, but also put myself in great danger and was selfish beyond belief. The night started as regular as can be, I and five friends were staying over my buddy Hunter’s house. I promised my mom earlier that night it would just be video games and food, no shenanigans of any sorts. As we tired of the same old same old, Hunter sparked the ingenious idea to play paintball at night. Knowing my mother was very against this activity I was at first hesitant, but as the incessant nagging grew, I appeased to the groups will. We began the game by dividing into two teams and spreading out through the property, the goal being to eliminate all members of the opposing force. I was nervous to say the least. I was not a paintball player at all and these guys were all much more experienced than me. I began the game wanting to prove myself but ended just wanting to be able to be the same person as who went into the game. As the game took shape, it was a lot of running and fogged facemasks for me. I assumed paintball would be high action and adrenaline pumping but instead it became a drawn out game of hide and seek. Just as I began to lose all interest, an…

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