The Night Of May 16, 2015, By John Werman Essay

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On the night of May 16, 2015, John Werman hosted a party that Sarah Carlson attended as a guest. Later in the evening, Ms. Carlson left the party, drove intoxicated, and hit a third party, Waleed Ziad. Mr. Ziad is suing our client, Mr. Werman, for social host liability.
Mr. Werman purchased a couple of kegs, and supplied liquor and mixers for party goers to drink. There was no one tending bar, but Mr. Werman placed cups on the counter for guests to serve themselves.
During the party, Mr. Werman became concerned that his guests would drive intoxicated. He passed around a bowl and instructed the guests to place their keys in the bowl. He then placed the bowl in the kitchen. Mr. Werman remarked that no one should touch the keys unless they are sober.
After passing the bowl around, Mr. Werman had a conversation with Ms. Carlson. Mr. Werman stated that Ms. Carlson seemed fine and was not slurring her speech during the conversation. However, Mr. Werman said Ms. Carlson smelled like beer and was holding a cup of beer in her hand. Ms. Carlson acted friendly, hugging Mr. Werman several times and continued to repeat her enthusiasm for Mr. Werman’s new job. Mr. Werman reflected that Ms. Carlson’s behavior seemed odd, but he also commented that he was unsure of what normal behavior was for Ms. Carlson. Mr. Werman then asked if she was going home soon; she replied affirmatively. Then, Mr. Werman said that when Ms. Carlson is ready to go home he would call her a cab. Ms. Carlson accepted…

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