The Night Of Christmas Eve Essay

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Christmas, this is almost always one the most important times for you and your family

members to bond. Personally, I haven’t had a lot of those moments mostly due to the fact that

almost all of my family lives in Chicago. I haven’t had many of those picture perfect family

Christmas but I have had a few memorable ones with a crazy group of Chicagoans I call my


It was three years ago, that I had my first Christmas with my family. I still didn’t know

most of the people they call “family”. The only reason I was talking to them was because my

parents told me they were family so I gave it a shot. The night of Christmas Eve (the day we

arrived in Chicago) was the traditional unimportant chit chat. The usual questions about how

school is going or if you have a girlfriend. Personally, I never answer any of these questions

truthfully, I usually would answer with a simple yes or no. Occasionally one of the older

relatives like my grandmother would ask her questions in further detail just because she knew I

was lying. At that point I was usually forced to come clean and said that I wasn’t the smartest kid

in the family, I didn’t really care but my grandparents did. As soon as they found out that I didn’t

have 4.0 GPA they moved on to the next grandchild as if they didn’t even question me.

Apparently being the smartest child is a competition in the Johnston family. As the conversation

continued I attempted to sneak off before it was my turn to be…

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