The Night Of A Dock With Two Armed Guards Essay

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On its far shore, a dock with two armed guards, strangely dressed. The two guards wore full mail which covered their entire bodies, both wore black capes flowing from their shoulders with the insignia of a striking serpent with no idea what or whom the symbol represented. When they disembarked from the ship, the guards stepped forward and greeted them by name.
“Welcome Count Nightburn, Lord Kane, Sir Faine, Sir Seth and welcome as always Lord Balthazar. Assigned to escort your party and men to the temple, please follow us.” Following the guards up the steep path, they encountered two new guards coming down assigned to replace the two accompanying Nightburn’s party, the guards nodding to each other as they passed but no words exchanged. They made their way up the hill when the dirt path turned into a series of stone steps, off to each side, statues, some lay broken with pieces spewed around the forest floor, some still intact, simply fallen over and lying next to the path, ravaged by time and the elements. They marched on for perhaps a good hour before they came to the temple, surprised by what they saw. In comparison with their trek up the hillside path, the temple and the grounds surrounding it were in perfect condition. The temple consisted of a large square building with only one entrance, a wide stairway leading down into darkness. Guiding them down the stairs, they reached a platform where both guards withdrew torches from the walls, lighting them with a wave of…

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