Essay on The Night Journey Of Muhammad

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The night journey of Muhammad presented by Ibn Ishaq is the strongest support of the Muslim belief that Muhammad was a prophet of God. Affirming this belief by way of stories and friends of Muhammad, whom Ishaq identifies as transmitters in hadif, is the detailed descriptions of Jerusalem, the empty jar of water in the caravan, and the figures of Jesus, Moses, and other prophets.
According to Ibn Ishaq’s sources, Muhammad described numerous prophets, such as Moses, being “a ruddy faced man, tall thinly fleshed, curly haired with a hooked nose as though he was of the shanu’a” (183). This relayed description of Moses helps affirm Muslims of Muhammad’s prophet hood because this meant Muhammad actually saw Moses and had been acknowledged by him. Seeing Moses is effective because Moses had been known as a real person, and not made up in Muhammad’s head. Another description Ibn Ishaq receives from his sources is Muammad’s description of “Jesus, son of Mary, as a reddish man of medium height with lank hair with many freckles on his face like he had just come from a bath” (183). This description is more important as Christianity was a very predominant religion. The claim that Muhammad could describe Jesus like he had actually been up close to him was enough to convince people that Muhammad really was a prophet.
Another reason why Muslims were inclined to believe Muhammad was a prophet, were the detailed descriptions he had of Jerusalem. During Al-Hasan’s story transmitted by Ibn…

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