The Night By Elie Wiesel Essay

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Elie Wiesel, in his book the Night, described the horrific events of the Holocaust that occurred during the 20th century by writing about his experience in the German concentration camp, Auschwitz. By telling his story, it was possible for people to learn specifically what happened to the Jews during the Holocaust and identify the brutality of the German Nazi soldiers. However, despite these facts, Elie Wiesel at first, swore not to talk anything about the Holocaust. He had to bear so much pain and he was not ready to tell the world the terror of Holocaust yet. When he finally decided to talk about his experience in the Holocaust he said, “For the survivor who chooses to testify, it is clear: his duty is to bear witness for the dead and for the living."(Preface, page xv) The Night impacted the world. It described the inhumane environment among the Jews and showed the brutality of the Nazis. The decision Elie Wiesel made to write his book was important not only because of the vivid experience he told his readers, but to emphasize the remembrance of innocent Jews who died during the Holocaust. He thought that as a survivor, it was important to account his experience and remember the names of wrongly sacrificed Jews. Also, his book raised an issue among the readers on current genocides. As the readers discovered the secrets of Auschwitz, they continuously questioned the situations inside the current concentration camps such as the ones in ISIS and in North Korea. It aroused…

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