The Nfl Still Has A Domestic Violence Problem And Its Impacting On Us The Spectators

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“The NFL still has a Domestic Violence Problem and its impacting on us the spectators

Literature Review
In the past researchers have drawn on a number of theories on masculinity (Sirgy 1982, Arnould and Thompson, 2005) and social relationships (Azjen 1991, Sen and Bhattacharya, 2001) to classify and explore the motives in professional sportsmen domestic violence. Within this stream of study the related practices associated with machoism and domestic violence in a sense of corporate social responsibility have featured strongly in the works of Becker-Olsen et al (2006). Nevertheless, there has been little attention on the motives and practices associated with masculinity and professional sportsmen. Masculinity and the practise of such behaviour can be witnessed across a range of culture and society, for example some tribes in Africa and in Europe hunting is a major part of individual lives. This is predominantly associated “strengths and power” (Rozin, Homes et al 2012). Such practises from individuals are usually identified as tough, strong and competitive, promoting machoism; and media representation of iconic athletes such as Ray Lewis a hall of fame NFL linebacker for the Baltimore Ravens, displays ‘phallic masculinity’ (Thompson, Holt 2004) on the field. There have been previous studies on men and domestic violence (Baker et al 2005, Hoeffler et al 2002).
Masculinity Aggressive Behaviour:
Behaviour has been the subject of research in a number of various…

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