Essay about The Nfl Can 't Protect Their Quarterbacks

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Sports reporter, Kevin Clark, in his article, “The NFL Can’t Protect Its Quarterbacks,” insists that the NFL is incapable of properly protecting their quarterbacks. Clark notices that players are continually getting injured from illegal passes that are not being called as penalties. Clark’s purpose of writing this article is to gain support for his argument that penalties are not being called and the players’ safety of is at risk. He also argues that the NFL needs to find a better way to protect its players. He adopts a concerned tone in order to gain his reader’s attention, which helps Clark persuade his own point of view. Clark’s audience consists of football fans that may or may not agree with him. Therefore, Clark uses heartfelt emotions, facts, and credible sources to correctly balance his ideas and eliminate any counter arguments that may arise based on the information he presents. Clark’s use of ethos, pathos, and logos intertwined throughout his writing helps him strengthen his argument and persuade his audience to feel the same way about this situation.
Clark first begins his article with the with the use of imagery and strong diction. Clark exclaims that, “the league’s most high-profile passers were routinely savaged by defenses that received surprisingly few penalties, [and] it 's become one of the story lines that could define this [year 's] NFL season,” (Clark 1). Clark uses the words routinely savaged which makes his audience feel bad for the players because…

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