The Next Hundred Million By Joel Kotkin Essay

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In the book “The Next Hundred Million – America in 2050” author Joel Kotkin predicts the future outcome of America compared to other countries around the world. According to him “The Next Hundred Million is not a story of power brokers, policy disputes, or media perceptions. Rather, it is an inquiry into the evolution of cities, towns, and neighborhoods, and of industries, churches, and families, both in newly emerging regions and in venerable old ones.” While reading this book my thoughts and ideas were mostly parallel with his, but there were a few exceptions when I hit a crossroad in his theory. I mostly agreed with some of his points such as the new occupants and new ways of suburban life and the increasing heterogeneous population, but I also disagree with his stand on issues in large major cities and international problems that were not included in his predictions.
First of all, I agree with numerous points that Joel Kotkin made in his book, including his thoughts on new occupants and new ways of suburban life in the near future. For example, Kotkin states “But what makes these suburban villages so different is not so much their design as their vibrant economic and social self-sufficiency.” By this he means that suburbs of the future will no longer look like the ones from the past, such as the late twentieth century, for instead it will be much less reliant on major cities for jobs and other necessary amenities to grow and blossom. Ironically, Kotkin predicts that it…

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