The News Of The World Essay

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This report presents a discussion and the study on ‘The News of the World’ (NOTW) phone hacking scandal’. The company is involved in scandal and internal and external people are involved in this scandal. The company used to hack voice mails of celebrities, politician, solicitors, high profile people, sport people, relatives of dead UK soldiers and general people. This report will let us know how the company collapsed by taking illegal steps to gain information from the celebrity and other people.

This report brings an attention to the ethical rules and values which was breached by the employees of the NOTW. The NOTW phone hacking scandal got soared in 2005, when NOTW published news about the royal family. British Tabloid NOTW published report about Prince William injuring his knee. This was private and confidential information which was leaked in newspaper. NOTW also intercepted voicemail message of the murdered British schoolgirl Milly Dowler. Her families were in false hope as she might have survived as the voicemail were deleted from her mobile. From the investigation, it was known those NOTW employees were using her mobile by hacking her voicemail. There was even hacking of 7/7 London bombings and family of deceased British soldiers. These actions of NOTW infuriate general public. They have hacked more than 4000 individual phone and they did not change their way of working.

This report concludes that NOTW employees were being unethical and were using illegal way of…

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