The News Media Influences On The Way People See Things And How People Think

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Throughout history, the news media influences heavily on the way people see things and how people think. The reason for that is because there has never been an objective news media source that appeals to the people. There is always a writer or a reporter who is naturally biased and wants to make the reader see what they see and there are always readers who want to only read what they like. For example, Adolf Hitler used highly biased media to make a sense of hatred for Jews, such as posters that said, “Führer, we will follow you,” and it worked because the people listened and liked what he said. If it wasn’t for the media, then Hitler wouldn’t have become as powerful as he was.
Others might say that there are objective news media that report fairly and are unbiased. They say that there are still reporters who are unbiased, for example, “covering the war,” states Patrick Buchanan. The problem is that no one listens to objective news media. People usually listen to media that they want to hear. For instance, in American politics today, people with conservative views usually look towards Fox News, and Liberals, on the other hand, lean towards CNN. There isn’t really a large unbiased news source.
The problem really lies with the methods the media tries and grabs attention of their viewers. The media reports on non-essential topics, such as who wins the lottery or YouTube videos that go viral just to get more viewers. Then the viewers and readers would be uninformed of…

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