The New Yorker, By John Cassidy Essay

1006 Words Nov 15th, 2016 5 Pages
Writer, John Cassidy, in his article in The New Yorker, “College Calculus, ” sums up the history of our higher education from the establishment of Harvard College in Massachusetts. Then he goes further in the discussion of the funding for students and the actions Obama has taken to provide higher education for the people. Cassidy’s purpose of writing this article is to enlighten the reader in what our government our media and the business community speak so fondly of receiving higher education and then Cassidy goes into detail of the actual values higher education has to offer. He takes on a tone of authority to explain his points and his facts as well as adopts a sympathizing tone for the readers to relate with the topic and see the truth he is bringing forth.

Cassidy opens with writing about the beginning of our countries start to higher education where Harvard was founded in 1636 America’s first institution. He furthers his writing in explaining the message we are receiving. He further continues and states, “Promoters of higher education have long emphasized its role in meeting civic needs. The Puritans who established Harvard were concerned about a shortage of clergy; during the Progressive Era, John Dewey insisted that a proper education would make people better citizens”. This is really what you constantly hear. It is something you are raised to hear from your parents to your high school teachers and television you watch. The message of higher education…

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