Essay on The New York World 's Fair

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One can only imagine the awe that Harold Thomas Webber, a 25-year-old amateur photographer and railroad enthusiast from the Bronx, felt as he accepted unlimited access to the 1939 World’s Fair due to his volunteer work at the Fair 's railroad pavilion. Henry was only one of the 45 million people who would attend the New York World Fair, making it a massively attended event. From 1939 to 1940 the New York World’s Fair took place on top of a garbage dome in New York spread throughout 1,216 acres.The outcome was not the only impressive attribute of the Fair. A historical theme can be tied to the fair as it was held on the 150th anniversary of George Washington’s inauguration. Although it was represented throughout the fair it didn’t inspire most of the popular events. Instead, the theme how science and technology would shape the future. With a futuristic theme, inventions, exhibits, rides, miniature landscapes and as some would describe the newly found technology, magic, could be found.
The progress, the technology, the spectacle that was the New York World’s Fair interested the people to say the least. In fact, David Nye in the Introduction to the American Technological Sublime argues that Americans have been fascinated with the sublime nature of technology. Stating that the dynamic, geometric and electric sublimes are what spark this fascination, one can find that this American craving can be easily connected to the spectacles that Americans found truly sublime. For example,…

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