The New York Style Pizza Essay

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Steam puffed out of manhole covers that dotted the road. Penn Station came out at an intersection where the air was filled with the melody of car horns, voices and footsteps. Authentic New York style pizza was something I had always wanted to try. Across from Penn Station was this little, uncrowded restaurant that served some very addicting garlic knots. It was impossible to just eat one. The pizza comes in large, thin slices which had just the right amounts of sauce and cheese. It was a perfect meal to welcome me to the city.
From the restaurant, my family and I took cabs to the American Museum of Natural History. The entranceway was packed with visitors and we had to wait in line to check in. I was standing with my cousins up against one of the walls looking up at a large dinosaur skeleton. It felt rather warm in the museum while I was looking at exhibits and I was getting a bit thirsty. When I entered one of the last exhibits, I saw a large whale hanging from the ceiling. I walked over to where my family was sitting on the floor under the whale. I didn’t truly understand the size of some whales until I was sitting below one. Once we had finished our visit there, my family and I set out towards a toy store. Two employees stood at the door dressed as toy soldiers. My impression as I entered the store was that I saw no reason to ever leave. It was a childhood dream. FAO Schwarz was stocked with the fluffiest stuffed animals, a huge selection of toys and a very…

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