The New York Police Department Essay

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All Eyes on Blue

All eyes on Blue, All eyes on Blue! This mantra indiscriminately brings to the fore-front the basis of monitoring the police and their relationships, interactions, and altercations within the communities they have sworn to protect and serve. However, from the beginning of the civil rights issues in the United States and for many years thereafter, police policy to a certain extent is sketchy within minority communities, and as a result, has garnered international attention spurring more in-depth conversations and prompting action on behalf of community leaders and political advocates. For the time being, the United States is still severely entwined regarding the civil injustice involving police officers and minority groups. As a result, the New York Police Department (NYPD) has diligently put forth efforts to decrease racial profiling in the state particularly, Stop-and-Frisk practices. As a matter of fact, numerous online resources, cites the definition of the controversial stop and frisk as, “the situation in which a police officer who is suspicious of an individual detains the person and runs his hands lightly over the suspect 's outer garments to determine if the person is carrying a concealed weapon.” Also, even though stop and frisk is a matter of public knowledge, the New York Times does a superb job on further elaborating and enlightening readers on the inception of stop and frisk which derived from “stop and question. For that reason according…

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