Essay The New York : A White, Heterosexual, Upper Middle Class

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I have lived my life as a white, heterosexual, upper middle-class male. The community I grew up in, Ann Arbor, openly embraced these representative markers, and usually allowed me to remain in the majority. The situations in which I was in the majority, with respect to class, race, gender, sexual orientation, etc., have far outnumbered the situations in which I was in the minority. To put it simply, I have almost always been welcomed. Yet this seemed to magnify my perceptions for when I was in the minority. It is sort of akin to when a friend of mine from southern California spent his first winter in New York City, New York. The drastic change in climate from California to New York seemed to impact him more than myself, a person from a similar environment and one who has grown up in a state that allowed me to experience that environment before. Thus, when I finally experienced a situation in which I was not in the majority, it was quite drastic. After high school, I shipped off to the South Bronx, New York, to work for the National nonprofit, City Year. During my time with City Year, I had the opportunity to tutor and mentor disadvantaged students in a middle school while growing as a person. I was able to stretch my horizons in the vibrant culture of New York City (NYC), while committing myself to improving the circumstances that too many impoverished American youth face. And I also decided to live in the Bronx, the community in which I volunteered for ten months. I was…

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