The New World Essay

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On October 12, 1492, Christopher Columbus landed in the western hemisphere that came to be the “New World” (Churchhill 97). Today it has been 523 years since Columbus journeyed across the Atlantic Ocean in search of personal fortune, spiritual destiny, honour and the fabulous riches of the East (Stevenson 67). This “New World” when discovered was inhabited by a population of well over 100 million however, by the 1890’s this population collapsed to slightly above 237,000 (Churchhill 97). This population was made up of Native Americans and it declined as they endured a horrendous magnitude and lengthy duration of genocide inflicted upon them by the Europeans (Churchhill 97). The Europeans justified these actions through language which functioned to provide them with a rationale for action and a sense of identity as they battled (Stevenson 68). They were also justified on the basis of their practices contrary to human nature (Stevenson 69) and on their reluctant acceptance or refusal of christianity (Stevenson 70). When Europeans moved onto the New World territory they encountered these new people and social worlds (Stevenson 68). During the process of discovery and exploration they began creating complex words which developed into language allowing them to form a sense of themselves as the Spanish, French, English, Portuguese and Europeans (Stevenson 68). The invention and application of this language provided advantages to these groups who coveted the lands, gold and…

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