Essay The New World Of The United States

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In the year 1620, a group of religious English Separatists sailed to what we now know as Massachusetts, hoping to find a land in which to establish a home, a place where they could worship God the way they wanted to. The settlement they created, the colony of Plymouth, would become just the second British settlement in all of America. Though their original ship, the Mayflower, brought just thirty-five people, and only a few hundred lived in the other British settlement, Jamestown in Virginia, these two places were the starting points of an emigration and new society that grew to include millions over the next hundred and fifty years. Despite initial struggles, these two groups persevered, and their colonization is what led to the America we have today. There were many reasons as to why people would have wanted to travel to the New World to create a better life, despite the dangers. Many people felt oppressed or opposed the ways of life in their homelands in Europe, especially during the religiously turbulent times of the 1600s. In England, which had been switching between Protestantism and Catholicism over the last century, a new movement began of Separatists, or Puritans. Though England was Protestant at the time, they believed the current practices of the Church of England were too Catholic. They wanted to simplify religion, or “purify” it of Catholic practices, making it simpler and more about straightforward worship than the Catholic Church’s symbolic ceremonies. They…

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