The New World Of The Roanoke Colony Essay

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Over five hundred years ago, 118 settlers disappeared out of thin air. The Roanoke Colony was a bunch of settlers that wanted to make the new world (America) repopulated and successful. John White was the leader of the colony right before it disappeared. Virginia Dare was the first English child to be born in the new world. Some of the main theories sounds correct, but there are no evidence to back them up. ONe is that they were killed by a tribe of Indians. Another one is that they moved up North away from the Island. Since its disappearance in 1588, the lost colony of Roanoke has intrigued people for centuries and has spawned numerous conspiracy theories.
The lost colony first started in 1585, 22 years before Jamestown and 37 before the pilgrims settled in Massachusetts. The colony was ruled by Ralph Lane, but before him it was Sir Richard Grenville. Greenville was the person to transport the colony to virginia. The colonists were not ready or prepared for this at all. They were not very clever and depended on local indians for their food. They antagonized the indians and messed with them all the time. They would kidnap and hold their people hostage in exchange for food and help. The first colony lasted for about a whole ten years. The lost colony consists of 90 men, 17 women, and 11 kids. The final colony lasted a good 3 years. It wasn’t easy fighting off illnesses, other groups of people, and wildlife. It was said that fighting and outbreaks of violence were a cause of…

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