The New World Is A Movie About Of Pocahontas Relationship With Two Men

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The New World is a movie about of Pocahontas relationship with two men, John Smith and John Rolfe and the conflicts that happen when the europeans first came to America. The movie first started in 1607 when europeans first got to what we know now as Virginia. The next scene we see was John Smith chained to the boat that they was sailing on, then it looked liked he was about to get hang. Captain Christopher Newport knows that Smith would be a big help to the colonist so he spared Smith from his death. As the movie goes on the new colonists was building their settlement, Jamestown, Native Americans was trying figure out who these new people who are trying to live on their land, and the colonists was trying to get used to the land and environment. So John Smith ends up getting taken by the Native Americans when he was exploring. They was going to kill Smith, but Pocahontas, daughter of chief Powhatan stopped it from happening . John Smith started to live with the Native Americans and was getting to know their culture and customs. John Smith and Pocahontas was falling in love with each other, both Native Americans and the colonists dislike like this. The relationship between the Native Americans and the colonist seemed like it was getting better, but that all changed when one of the colonist shoots a Native American and wars started to breakout. Chief Powhatan realizes that the colonist aren 't going to leave so he decided that his tribe was going to attack the colonists.…

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