Essay The New Welfare Of Single Parent Households

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Reform Effectiveness Australia created the new reform to benefit families of single parent households, however it is being found that it is only hindering them even more (Flatua, et. al., 2010). The new child support reform has only decreased the amount of money paid to the single parent household for support; making them even more vulnerable to poverty (Flatua, et. al., 2010). The reform was successful in shifting the financial responsibility from the taxpayers and the non-resident parent, however it placed the majority of the financial burden solely on the single resident parent (Flatua, et. al., 2010). This causes great hardship because the resident parent is already susceptible to more hardships, as they are typically earning below average wages. It was found that the reform would only be beneficial to resident parents who were earning above average wages (Flatua, et. al., 2010). This would mean the resident parent would have to be employed earning at or above $45,505 a year (Flatua, et. al., 2010). This is very unlikely for the resident parent, as the responsibility of caring for the child is placed upon them (Flatua, et. al., 2010). This allows for less available hours to work, more difficulty finding jobs, and they usually have educational and employment disadvantages (Flatua, et. al., 2010). Being that most job opportunities that are “family friendly” require more skills, education, and training; it is highly unlikely that these parents will be able to…

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