The New Web Is Changing How We Think And What We Read? Essay

809 Words Nov 8th, 2015 4 Pages
Have you ever went online shopping and the next thing you know, you are on Facebook and an ad for those gorgeous shoes are shining brightly in that sidebar looking better than ever? Eli Pariser explains why this is happening in The Filter Bubble. Ultimately, the new web is changing how we think and what we read. In this essay, I will review the book and discuss the arguments inside. Right now, we think that the information that we are looking up is general information that is available to everyone else. In reality, when we search for something, it creates this personalized information that the internet thinks we would be most likely to look further into. If you and the person next you searched the same thing on Google, your results probably would not be the same. This is because the internet tracks everything you do. This is more effective if you are currently logged into Facebook or another social media account at the time. Soon, all information will be personalized. This dilemma is out of our control and it takes away our ability to be creative or learn the information that is needed today. Other people and corporations are obtaining the power to control what we are exposed to, thus, limiting our freedom. How can we be our own person when the internet is choosing what information we are exposed to? I see the filter bubble not only on the internet but in school systems. I had friends that were in private, conservative education facilities and when they joined the…

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