The New Ways Of Living Created The American Culture Essay

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By the middle of the eighteenth century, the United States consisted of thirteen colonies ruled by British government. The northern colonies were founded by people who were religious and believed in strong work ethic whereas the southern colonies were Puritans who settled in New England to gain religious freedom from Britain while the first colonists of the southern colonies were Englishmen. The first settlers of the west were Scots-Irish people who settled in deep-soiled Pennsylvania when the English government placed restrictions on their productions of linens and woolens. In 1607, Englishmen of southern colonies started the first permanent settlement of the United States at Jamestown in order to find gold to become wealthy. The first colonists brought traditions from their home countries and many ways of life they were accustomed to. Many were faced with new challenges that forced them to learn new things and adapt to their surroundings. Even though some of the first settlers lived the European way, the new ways of living created the American culture. As the nation matured, more states formed and the country was divided into the northern, southern, and western geographical regions by economical, social, and political differences.
Economically, the south was based on agriculture whereas the north was based on manufacturing. The southern region had mostly plantations and large farms with a warm climate and fertile soil. Farmers in the south relied heavily on slave labor…

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