Essay about The New Way Of Life

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The way of life in the 1990’s are very different to the life in the Pleasantville. Despite it being a fictional world, Pleasantville is a great example of the visualization of the expectations of society in the 1950’s for an ideal world. The 1950’s were the start of the peace of its citizens and between countries; the start of technological advancement progress through new innovations that prioritized entertainment and lifestyle; notable technological advancement; the domination of music and fashion; and economic boom and political dominance. Both generations showed remarkable accomplishments, but they have significant differences in terms of the social interaction; societal standards, technologies, relationship values, and education. In our socio-cultural practice, social interaction is the way people talk and act with each other. There are notable differences between the Pleasantville and 1990’s in interacting with each other. In the 1950’s or in Pleasantville, the use of politeness, friendliness, and respect was outstanding in talking to the elderly, friends, and siblings. By maintaining the perfect world, it showed the friendliness of every student in the school to each other, people are happier in appreciating even the small things in life, and prohibit the use of vulgar and alarming languages. On the other hand, the 1990’s shows the use of isolation, keeping problems to one’s self, impoliteness, and the use of inappropriate words. The first scenes showed…

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