The New Testament Of Peace Essay

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The notion of peace commonly refers to the freedom from disturbance and turmoil as well as tranquillity within society. This universal message of peace in various religious traditions is emulated within significant texts and writings. Christianity’s understanding of worldly and individual peace continues to be communicated within the teachings of the Holy Bible, exclusively the New Testament. In a similar sense the Jewish interpretation of peace has been shaped by the various understandings and teachings found within the prophetic vision of peace on earth within the Torah, Talmud and Tenakh. The New Testament assists adherents in the communication of the concept of the concept of peace, the notion of inner peace, the kingdom of heaven and the Davidic king. However the concept of peace is also contradicted in the militant message portrayed in the bible. Similar, the prophetic vision of peace on earth interconnects adherents with the concept of peace, the words of the prophets, imagery and Isaiah and inner peace however contradicts the very essence of this notion through the ideas of obligatory and discretionary war. Through these sources of sacred texts both Christianity and Judaism demonstrate a significant understanding of peace.

The concept of peace in a Christian sense is demonstrated in one of the most prominent sources of sacred text, the New Testament. The Christian concept of peace has been epitomised in the tranquillity of the Garden of Eden despite that fact that…

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