The New Testament, Junia, Pricilla, And Mary Magdalene Essay

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In the New Testament, Junia, Pricilla, Phoebe, and Mary Magdalene were four females with leadership roles in the Jesus movement. These females were deaconesses, evangelists, educators, or preachers. The New Testament provides insight into the debate of female leadership and ordination during the early church movement; a debate that continues now. Certain Christian denominations today permit female ordination, while other denominations stand firm against female pastors; both use the New Testament to support their stance. When compared to the denominations that do ordain females, denominations that prohibit female ordination lack a fully developed theological foundation for their positions and ignore Scripture supporting female leadership and ordination; and several women found liberation and purpose through their leadership in a Christian setting and disprove rationale against female ordination.
Thomas Aquinas believed females were subordinate to males because females were inherently weaker and less wise than males. Aquinas viewed Eve’s role in the fall as a consequence of female inferiority. His interpretation of female inferiority excluded females from the possibility of ordination. Aquinas’ beliefs on female exclusion from ordination were very influential in the Catholic Church; Pope Leo XIII declared Aquinas’ ideas authoritative in 1879 and his ideas remain authoritative in the Catholic Church to this day. Aquinas was one part of the Catholic Church’s complicated and…

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