The New Techniques Of Writing And Its Execution Essay

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I always considered my-self a “numbers” type of guy than one who excels in writing. Throughout my entire academia english classes have always been and shall be the bane of my school work. I never fully had the confidence in my english work or in any of my written assignments to begin with, however it was not for the lack of trying but more of the thought of failure. The new techniques I learned in the class has given me some insight towards my style of writing and its execution. Evaluations from my previous work has given me a perspective in where I fall as writer and in what areas I must improve in to become better. After completing the semester, I have accomplished myself as a confident writer, created a way to improve my writing, and continue to improve myself from previous work. From a high school senior to an incoming freshman in college, english classes were a challenge to me. They always baffled me, since completing an assignment had multiple takes to it and each unique take had a way of obtaining a passing or an excellent grade. It was nothing like a math or science problem in the terms of having one correct answer to a one problem. It instilled a sort of fear in me, which was if I did not do my best it would not be enough. Consequently, it lowered my confidence as a writer. I carried such a mentality from high school to college and saw it diminished as I continued throughout the semester. I measured my confidence as a writer in my
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