The New Religion Movements ( Nrm ) Essay

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About the New Religion Movements (NRM), it t can be said that there is no definition considered correct. The definition best accepted by Bryan Wilson is that a NRM is new from the moment it became visible in its present form since World War II and is religious from the time that, in addition to offering theological statements about nature and existence of supernatural beings, also proposes answers to some "existential" questions to which religions try to respond, such as: Who am I? God exists?
There are more than 2600 different groups, however not all are considered NRMs, this is because there are groups that we have never heard of and even groups with different names but nevertheless have the same beliefs. Various estimates of how many movements are right in the world have been made. Gordon Melton said that there are over 1000 groups in America, Shimazorio says that in Japan they range from 800 to a few thousand, Harold Turner said that there were 10,000 new religions with more than 12 million adherents among the tribal peoples of Americas, Asia, Africa and the Pacific.
Some sociologists like Durkheim, Weber and Wilson have often said that organized religion no longer has control over the social institutions that have appeared over the years. Religion has become a hobby that can already be privatized or individualized. With the appearance of the new religions, the religions considered main, have been losing the adhesion. In Europe, mainly, people were satisfied with "You do…

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