The New Orleans Police Department Essay

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For this forum I will select my city law enforcement agency which is the New Orleans Police Department or better known as the N.O.P.D.. The history of the N.O.P.D. Dates back all the way to the 1790 's and even though during that time the agency had a different name (Guard Deville or City Watch) it was created by the Spanish Colonial Governor Baron de Carondelet due to the high crime level, and to help the military fight against crime (Sinclair). The N.O.P.D. Started very small by 1817 it only had 4 dozen of patrol officers, by 1852 it had a chief, commanding officers, and more than 300 policemen, by 1915 it had 520 policemen and they started to use motor patrol wagons, motorcycles, and horse patrol wagons, by 1922 it was the only department in the country that had first aid in all of its bureaus, and by the end of the 1920 's it was engaging in crimes with bombings, fights, shootings, and assaults (Sinclair). In 1994 the N.O.P.D. Was drastically restructured and reformed under the command of Chief Richard Pennington and the outcome was a quick decrease of 20% murder rate, in 2005 the N.O.P.D. Gained nation wide reputation due to the well done job during Hurricane Katrina, during that time the department had 1,500 sworn officers and about 80% of them lost their homes during Hurricane Katrina regardless of that they put their duty first and performed an outstanding job (Sinclair). The New Orleans Police Department is known for having some of the best crowd control tactics…

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