The New Netflix Original Series Stranger Things Essay

1956 Words Dec 16th, 2016 8 Pages
Modern Media is in a constant state of flux. What is considered to be acceptable programing today is different to what it was then years ago and is different to what it will be ten years from now. The new Netflix original series Stranger Things is a prime example of this idea of a constantly evolving media. As a show that almost never was, Stranger Things pushes the boundaries of what is acceptable in today’s media world in many ways. Pulling from the ideas found throughout the works of Steven King, the Duffer brothers have pushed back against a system that they believed was ready for another big shake up. Stranger Things confronts supposedly taboo topics of violence and romance in relation to the adolescence cast. This can be seen through the parallels to the adult cast that the characters find themselves in throughout the series. By pushing the boundaries of acceptable content the Duffer brothers have called into question the bounds of modern media and its relationship to children. One of the biggest challenges that the Duffer brothers faced in getting their show picked up was the fact that they used as their main characters a group of children. Big networks consistently turned down the brother’s ideas for this series. The consensus that was given to them was that a tv show that was made for adults could not have its main characters be a group of kids (McAlone). The fact that it took a company widely associated with the generation of cable cord cutters says a lot about…

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