The New Negro By George Locke Essay

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In The New Negro, by Alain Locke, Locke shows the realities of the African-American culture in the early twentieth century. In his anthology, which includes many different forms of art, he tries to depict this idea of the “New Negro”. He calls for a shift from the “Old Negro” into this idea of a New Negro. According to Locke, the New Negro is this idea of changing the African-American approach towards prejudicial views. He believed the advancement of the culture must be through education and the arts. Locke’s inclusion of Compromise by Willis Richardson in his anthology further depicts this idea of the New Negro and what the process for the advancement of the African-American culture should be. In order to understand this concept of the New Negro, one has to understand what Locke believed to be the Old Negro. According to Locke, the Old Negro was this group of people that was more of an equation rather than a human being. Locke believes that the Old Negro was one that was more of a debate and a historical controversy (Locke, 1). According to Locke, the New Negro is a sense of unity and a way to keep the African-American identity in society. Locke uses Harlem as in the example because Harlem, due to the many elements of the culture has attracted many diverse groups (6). Part of this idea of unity was the key factor in his vision for African-American’s in society. Locke’s vision was to have an African-American…

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