The New Man Of Office, President Blank Essay

1434 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 6 Pages
Fifty-seven years, the amount of time that has passed since 1960 when President Kennedy was in office. The decades that have passed since Mr. Kennedy’s presidency pretty much change the whole “game”. Being that it is January 30, 2017, there are technological advances, different views and opinions and many more changing factors. President Blank is in a whole other time period, meaning there’s various ways to perform the duties, compared to the early 1960s. The new man in office, President Blank has more access to information and technology, along with a population of people that are also different from those fifty-seven years ago. From the first day we are alive we lean and develop schemata for all aspects of environment to guide and protect us (M4, ss 1, s3). Schematic reasoning refers to information processing our minds use to develop beliefs and attitudes, and living in a different time period could change that (M4, ss1, s4). 2017 and 1960 were completely different times, therefore people can develop different schema, just because of the different living environments. Along with developing schemas, the creation of norms and rules for interaction forms as well (regimes) (K&B, pp. 159). These developed schemas and regimes differ from different time period, so the presidents will perform in different ways. Given the world today, President Blank would need to use a different theoretical perspective along with different policy actions.
A whole year comes with more technology,…

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