The New Line Of Dolls Essay

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Barbie. The ultimate and most wanted childhood product, especially for any young girl that’s ever seen a commercial or passed by the bright pink section of a toy store. This is a toy that is played with by millions and millions of young children around the world. For the many years that this company has been in business, not much has changed in the appearance of the doll, sticking to the mould has been what has kept Barbie in the market. Though, after years of consumer’s wanting change, Mattel and Barbie released their new “Fashionista Line” just this year. The line includes Barbie’s of different shapes, sizes, and races. According to Valenti (2016), “The new line of dolls also have an increased diversity in skin tone, eye color and hair texture” (para. 6). This line brings in a whole new look for a variety of people that differ in appearances within our society, attempting to create inclusion within the brand. The aim of these dolls was to have different representations of what real women actually look like in society, to give young girls the ability to identify with the dolls that they are playing with. Although the general buzz surrounding this line was positive, many outlets are pointing out problems with the actual representation of the line and what it stands for. In specific, The Guardian did an article on the representation of Barbie’s throughout their history and continuing with this new line. There is an inconsistency in the way that certain changes are being…

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