The New Latino Studies Reader : A Twenty First Century Perspective

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Lillian Guerra writes a powerful chapter in the book “The New Latino Studies Reader:A Twenty-First-Century Perspective”. Accounting to the struggles of migration while giving a clear emphasis and that not every refugee is treated the same. Lillian gathers her information through the timelines of many great migrations like the rush of Cuban migrants during Castro 's dictatorship and the search of Dominicans and other South American due to the poor living conditions and dangerous lives that they 've lived. The main points LillIan’s chapter with in the book was the huge emphasis on refugees with some being praised and others being demonized.
With a large population of Latin Americans in the Americas it is to be expected that this was the cause of the large population that came to America to escape something be it war, poverty, or for safety. Cuba during the Cold War was changing constantly due to the revolutions and successions, because of this many of the rich and powerful white Cubans decided to leave their homeland and travel to America so that they do not have to suffer do to Cuba 's changes while the poor stayed behind or traveled to America by boats or plane even though they had the risk of being attacked by Castro’s goons. The rich Cubans were welcomed by America due to their intelligence and mannerisms. America during the Cold War, 1970-80, America was fighting against many fears. They fought against communism will be in in the middle of a red scare, they fought…

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