The New Jim Crow : Search And Seizure Laws Essay

1234 Words Mar 3rd, 2016 5 Pages
Search and seizure laws have been around since the beginning of the United States of America, and have a very controversial history.Many deem the way the laws are practiced unconstitutional, and oppressive to minorities, while others think they are just and need to be carried out to stop crime. Police officers have found many missing persons and have also brought down many drug dealers all while staying in the lines of legal search and seizure. Many people fear officers can overstep their boundaries and think that search and seizure laws are the underlying cause of mass incarceration, which Michelle Alexander examines in her book The New Jim Crow.
The fourth amendment prohibits those from being victim to unreasonable searches and seizures. What defines something as an “unreasonable search and seizure?” To understand the concept of search and seizure, one has to understand the concept of a warrant. A warrant can come in many forms but the kind pertaining to officers who wish to search a person’s residence or their belongings is called a search warrant. A search warrant is a legal document signed off by a judge which enables an officer to search one without their consent. There are however some exceptions to the law requiring officers to have a warrant to search a suspect. If an officer is pursuing a suspect the officer then in turn does not require a warrant to arrest the suspect and search the suspect for any illegal paraphernalia. Another instance is if an officer…

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