Essay on The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

925 Words Nov 2nd, 2015 4 Pages
The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander discusses ways the way the American prison system has become a cycle for many prisoners instead of a system for them to regret their criminal actions while A Talk to Teacher by James Baldwin features his own first-hand experiences with racism within the American education system. Both authors, who are black Americans, discuss racial microaggressions in times where racism is thought to be nonexistent. When people think of racism, they generally think of times such as pre-Civil War America and apartheid in South Africa. Nonetheless, both Alexander and Baldwin discuss their experiences with racism in a nation recognized for its supposed equality.
Alexander and Baldwin both decide to make statements to contradict the believed status quo of racism. While Alexander uses her experience working against racial profiling in the justice system for her writing, Baldwin uses his own experiences as a black American within the education system. However, while Alexander addresses systemic racial microaggressions, Baldwin discusses the blatant racism experienced by students of color within the education system. Despite differing approaches, both authors address the fact that low-income students are enormously disadvantaged for their socioeconomic status. As Baldwin states, inner city kids are discouraged or given lower learning standards due to a lack of faith in their intelligence. Due to the difference of education between inner city schools and…

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