Essay about The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander

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Book review: The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander
In the book, the New Jim Crow, Alexander Michelle gives a descriptive information of how the American government is set up to put down the Black community. She argues that the current system is just a successor of the other past system of slavery. For each chapter, the author makes detailed explanations of her points. With subtitles, she is able to touch on every component within her topics. She gradually divides the issues and systematically reviews each part involved.
Michelle Alexander in the first chapter, reviews the history of racial control in the United States. She describes the different forms and patterns of the racial caste system. The author maintains that the racial prejudice and hierarchy has been sustained as a result of the insecurities of the lower-class whites. Her main point was that "racial segregation would soon evolve into a new caste system" (p. 40). Alexander explains that even though slavery ended after the Civil War, it left a big impact on the American community. She rightly explains that when the Civil Rights movement turned toward economic justice, a "search for a new racial order"began (38-40).
By explaining the events of slavery and how slavery in the beginning is related to racial segregation in the modern day, the author gives the reader a complete sense of her analogies. She also gives the reader an opportunity to form his own perspective on the topic.
Alexander describes how…

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