The New Jim Crow, By Michelle Alexander Essay

1498 Words Dec 5th, 2016 6 Pages
“Blacks now make up a larger portion of the prison population…,black men are imprisoned at 6.5 times the rate of white men” (Forman 102). In modern day society, people are shocked when they are told that a racial caste system still exists. The Recent election has vividly shown how we live in a racially divided nation. Some people believe that there is no division in the country and states, that we have finally reached equality due to some powerful influential black people: the President of United States and Oprah. However, segregation and racial stigma still lives in our society and it supports the racial caste system. In Michelle Alexander’s book; The New Jim Crow, she points out how enforcement of drug laws has negatively affected the black population. After Practicing slavery and Jim crow, the American system now uses the criminal justice system to marginalized blacks. Additionally, James Forman Jr provides different solutions to the issue of mass incarceration.
Michelle Alexander talks about how the system continuously control the lives of African Americans. From the beginning, blacks were seen as the right targets to the system. It was known and believed that “Africans were not really people” (Alexander 26). Since their arrival to America, blacks were seen as mere property. “Plantation owners...viewed Africans, who were relatively powerless, as the ideal slaves” (Alexander 24). It was easier to oppress Africans for they did not have any previous knowledge of the land,…

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