The New Jim Crow By Michelle Alexander Essay example

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In a book titled “The New Jim Crow” by author Michelle Alexander, opened my eyes to the evolved new system of oppression. This concept was introduced as the Mass incarceration of America in a colorblind society. through thoughtful consideration; laws and legislation keep this new Jim Crow planted in our society. These individuals affected are black men and throughout history have never had the opportunity of an unoppressed American society. Overall this issue didn’t begin overnight it took time and a president to declare a literal War on Drugs that began a systematic roundup of these black men. We are currently living in a time of racial disparity reminiscent of the original Jim Crow south but the overshadowing images of mass incarceration in the age of colorblindness should shock us back to reality.
In the reading, The New Jim Crow by Michelle Alexander, she takes a dive into the New Jim Crow its existence in an age of colorblindness the problem she discusses is mass incarceration (Rothenberg 2016). This topic is discussed so often today everyone should have a good grasp of the concept of these terms. To elaborate on the concept of mass incarceration is the systematic round up of minorities in the prison system as a direct result of the War on Drugs. Throughout the reading, Alexander mentions other sources on television and other media outlets that beg the question, “where are all the good black men?”. As a joke, they say there aren’t any left or they’re dating out of…

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