Essay The New Jim Crow, By George Alexander

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In The New Jim Crow, Alexander questions the hypocritical viewpoint of our nation by stating, "In a country that preaches the virtues of democracy, one could reasonably assume that being stripped of basic political rights would be treated by judges and court personnel as a serious matter indeed" (102). Even though Alexander had referred to the rights of the black community after slavery, her statement still holds strong today. America is supposed to live as a free country and fight for its citizens, what good is a democracy if it only fights for certain lives when it pertains to a person 's rights? Even though Buck did commit a serious crime that would rightfully strip him of certain rights as a citizen, he should never be stripped away the rights he has as a person because of his racial ethnicity. His punishment should have been distributed by exactly what he has done, not because of a man 's claim that his ethnicity makes him more dangerous than others. Alexander also writes the ugly truth behind the justice system that pertains to Buck 's case by claiming, "Police supervision, monitoring, and harassment are facts of life not only for all those labeled criminals, but for all those who "look like" criminals" (101). A person who invokes a heinous action that labels him/her as a criminal is at a certain level dehumanized by the eyes of the nation. However, there is some truth to the law that dehumanized a person simply because they look like a criminal in their eyes. There…

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