Essay about The New Jim Crow By Alexander

1835 Words Apr 5th, 2016 8 Pages
The New Jim Crow by Alexander is a book about the era of mass incarceration. Mass incarceration is the imprisoning of many people who are African American on the premise of their race. Mass incarceration was a political campaign. It was created to keep those in the minority as the underclass. It essentially created a caste system. The worst problem of all is the we, as America citizens, created mass incarceration and its effects to further widen the gap between the races. The theories that best explain the book are Symbolic Interactionism (labeling theory, looking glass self, standpoint theory), Weber’s rationality and rational-legal, Anomie, Marx & capitalism, conflict theory, power elite theory, Prison Industrial Complex, mass media and consumer culture, and boundary maintenance. Symbolic interactionism consists of labeling theory, looking glass self, and standpoint theory. Labeling theory pertains to the label of “black”, “predator”, “criminal”, “crack babies”, “welfare queens,” etc. There are so many terms used to define African Americans. These terms are very negative and discriminatory. They were used to convey blacks as negative, dangerous, something to be put down and to gain popularity for the segregation and putting down of blacks through political campaigns. These labels will haunt them, even today. These terms made it seem as if it’s us against them. The labels caused many to look down on them instead of helping them, which is all they truly needed. The term…

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