The New Jim Crow : Adaptation Of Racism Essay

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The New Jim Crow

Adaptation of Racism In the first section of the first chapter of “The New Jim Crow”, Michelle Alexander talks about how “...racism is highly adaptable...” (Alexander 21) and how forms of it has been constantly repeating throughout history. She then goes on to say, “...similar political dynamics have produced another caste system in the years following the collapse of the Jim Crow-one that exists today.” (Alexander 21). Moreover, the Emancipation Proclamation didn’t exactly accomplish much, so in an effort to make a change, the Civil War took place. After the Civil War, the Jim Crow laws emerged to restrict and segregate the people of color. Accordingly, there were valiant efforts put forth to get rid of the Jim Crow laws and that is what furthered and changed American society. After the collapse of these systems of oppression, there were periods of confusion that those who were for racial hierarchy took advantage of. Alexander then shows that each time a caste system falls, a new one needs to be built, and people, who often repeat history, replace the old system with a new one that is not entirely different. Now, although the current form of racism is less opressing than that of the time of slavery, it is still something that has a heavy influence. Furthermore, although our society continues to move on and adapt, racism is definitely doing its best to follow along.

Enslavement of the Powerless
The second section of “The New Jim Crow” talks a lot…

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