The New Jersey Pl An Article Of Confederation Essay

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1. Firstly, in the Virginia plan there exists three government branches including the legislative, executive and judicial. The New Jersey plan, had small states that were not interested in developing a national government. The New Jersey plan insisted on creating an article of confederation. In relation to the house of Congress, it is evident that in the New Jersey plan there existed only one house while the Virginia plan proposed to have two houses. The houses highlighted in the Virginia plan were the House of Representatives and the Senate. According to the Virginia plan, it is clear that the people selected congressional members, while the New Jersey all the congressional members were selected by the states which represent the number of voters from each. The length of service in the Virginia plan was uncertain the Congress could reduce this time on any occasion. The occupancy of this office was to last at least seven years ideally but they gave maximum time in case an individual has not finished to achieve his goals. The New Jersey plan discloses that impeachment could change any form of terms of service in the government or congress on any occasion.
2. Differences in congressional representation in the plans exist because it is clear from the plans that Virginia recognized the participation of state members through their capability to cast a vote. On the other hand, in the New Jersey plan, the recognition of state members emanated from the population represented by each…

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