The New Human Resource Manager For Echo Inc. Essay

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You have just been hired as the new human resource manager for Echo Inc. On your first day at work the CEO wants to meet with you to discuss a proposed evaluation of compensation practices at Echo. Unfortunately, the CEO is very busy and wants you to - in a short meeting - thoroughly describe the most important generic aspects of a compensation system that should be considered when evaluating Echo’s compensation practices. The CEO tells you to plan on a 10 minute meeting – you have to be brief and succinct – what are you going to tell the CEO?

My job sole purpose today gain your approval to create a society geared towards high performance. In order to do so my first step would be to created structured reinforcement based on employee needs. I use the word society in particular because we want to build upon employees’ skills, who are in this venture with us for the long run. We should know the employees demographic, interest, and needs the way they know our consumers’. We want to pay people for their unique expertise. But, in order to recognize these talents we have to be open to bottom up communication so that we are aware of them. We need to place our managers in charge of project teams, where we not only define what employees can and should do but they are also able to volunteer and speak on what parts of a particular project that their expertise can fulfill.
Investing in people without providing them with fair compensation will not be sufficient and for that reason I…

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