The New House Essay

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girl stared back at me, pale lifeless eyes and a neck covered in beads the color of lit cigarettes.
I could already feel the beginnings of a sneeze. I breathed “Oh God it’s dusty up here,” as I wondered through our attic, admiring the bone structure of the new house for the first time in ages. The place had this sweet smell to it, like the smell of rotting fruit. And because of the summer heat that day the attic turned into a sauna, well a sauna with shag carpet and pealing walls, but a sauna no less. With in a few minutes I was already sweating. I threw my hair up in an elastic and got to work on going through the moving boxes. They were everywhere. There were stacks of them, some had their contents written on them, but a majority of them were a blank mystery waiting to be opened.
“Ughh..Where is that damn thing?” I grumbled as I rummaged through the beat up white moving boxes. After I think box twelve, I started to lose count, it got to the point where I was just about to give up completely on my hunt to find my old elementary sweatshirt, go huskies! when with a shout I saw what looked like its sleeve! When I went to tug out the jacket, it wouldn 't budge. So logically, I yanked on the jacket with all of my body weight. The jacket came lose, but just my luck so did the box that was keeping it stuck. So the jacket, the box, me, and a deep feeling of dread came tumbling to the floor with a loud bang.
"You ok Meggie?" my mom called from the kitchen, up the stairs.…

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