Essay on The New Hollywood Era Genre

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In film, a genre is a way of putting movies into categories where they share similar narrative elements. Auteurism, as previously mentioned, is when a filmmaker’s distinctive style and personal vision is reflected in their work. In the New Hollywood era genre and auteurism started to intersect due to the fact that auteurs were able to make their mark in genre films. They were able to put their personal spin on a formulaic genre film. Coppola did a lot of what we would call genre films over the course of his career, but due to his label of auteur, none of these films seem to carry any classic tropes of the genre they belong to. 70’s cinema, or the New Hollywood era, was the renaissance of American Cinema. These films primarily had open or tragic endings, were centered on the loss of faith in the heterosexual couple or nuclear family, and contained violence and sex. Films were deviating from classical Hollywood conventions during this time, which is noticeable in Coppola’s films. It’s possible to look at “New Hollywood” as a film genre all of its own, with unique traits that led to the unconventional style of the films released during this period. Coppola’s auteur basically established the return of the gangster genre in 1972 with The Godfather, and is the first film I’m going to discuss that intersects genre and auteurism. Unlike other gangster films of the past, Coppola’s own Italian-American heritage helped him created an authentic representation in the film. The film…

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